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Cascais Dance Academy is helping


Scholarship fund for young artists!
 Legacy fund Portugal is schola
rship that is focus on the Art. That means,

 painting, music, acting & dancing. To apply for this fundease go in to this link and you find all the information you need.

How to apply

Please fill the information in attachment file

s and send us.

Legacy Scholarship Fund Portugal

The Legacy Scholarship Fund has been established to provide individuals with opportunities, short-term or long-term, to pursue educational goals.

Requirements and Guidelines

The awards will be granted based on a number of criteria:

  • Detailed application explaining the request for support (background on applicant and reason for proposed educational activity)
  • Substantive evidence that the individual lacks the financial resources to pursue independently.
  • References from at least two reputable professionals or organizations
  • Recipients must provide a report on the program and evidence of participation.

Awards will be available to individuals in diverse areas of study and there will be no discrimination based on nationality, physical or mental capabilities.

  • In cooperation with the ESU Portugal and the NSHSS and a committee of founding members.
  • A database will be created to chronicle events and follow educational paths of recipients of scholarship awards.
  • A website will allow individuals to view events and progress on the scholarship fund.


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