Cascais Dance Academy


Legacy Gala 2009

Students from Cascais Dance Academy preformd.


 Legacy Gala 2009

in Penha Longa



clique neste link:  

And you will se fantastic photos from the show Urashima that we did  May 2010 with Margarida school she also had invited other dance schools. 

Thank you Margarida ;) And a BIG kiss to all my fantastic dancers all over, you are all "THE BEST" . You are the ones that make all this hapen. Best regards Emma

Margarida Alberty Dear Emma!
Enjoy 1000 beautiful photos of your girls - Cascais Dance Academy,

that my son took during our show "Urashima Taro". You can use it as the new link now. The other one is not online anymore.

 You can select any picture you want and then upload them to your computer and site. ENJOY!


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